Why did I start this company?

Why did I start this company?   Two reasons:

First I had some customers who felt they weren’t getting the right attention from my old employer. These customers deserved a better business relationship experience and asked me to provide them with that. Thankfully with 20+ years of experience I had a lot of contacts willing to support me while I opened my own Leasing / Finance group.

I also had some friends who ran existing companies, but who couldn’t get regular financing because of some dings in their personal credit.  I was now in a position to help them. Before long I was asked to help other hopeful business owners in the same situation.  Word got around.

Next thing I knew, startups were asking me for help in financing the equipment they needed to get going.  (I soon learned that folks in these situations need a good credit rating — though not necessarily perfect.  That’s still so.)

So while SFG does provide the same kinds of credit as banks and finance companies, we’re also active where most banks won’t go — with “B” and “C” credit level clients.  Why?  Because we know that these clients, who are looked down upon by banks, are precisely the clients who will and do pay on the button each and every month.

Over all these decades we’ve had almost no collection activity.  We trust you.  And this trust has helped a lot of companies — like these — grow from infancy to large successful ones.