TGIT… Thank God It’s Today

Four Questions…
That will help you achieve the happiness and success you deserve
Wow, another year is ending. What kind of year was it for you?

Most people won’t make the time to pause and reflect on how their year has been.  Here are some simple questions to get you started. I encourage you, and challenge you to make the time to ask yourself these four questions:

  • What should I do more of? – Look back on the things that you did that you are proud of. The important things that really, truly added value to your life and the lives of those around you. These are the things you want to focus on and do more of next year.
  • What should I do less of? – These are the things that you did that were trivial, like: watching TV – texting – emails – surfing the web – shopping – etc. These are things you probably will not eliminate, but perhaps you will decide to not spend as much time doing them. You will focus more on the meaningful things.
  • What should I start? – What are the things that you have heard about, read about, or learned that you know will add value to your life. Create your plan to make these things happen next year… and make them happen!
  • What should I stop? – This area is critical to your happiness and success. You must reflect on the things that you are doing that add no true value to your life and stop doing them! They are the things that have a negative impact on your health, your happiness, and your success. As a matter of fact stopping these things will benefit you beyond your beliefs.

I recommend that you create a habit of doing this on a weekly basis next year (This could be one of those things you learned that you will start).

In addition, I have included some very thought provoking questions that I wrote about back in January. I hope you will make the time to go through all of these questions and reflect on your answers.

  1. Why do you do what you do, when you know what you know? (For example: smoking, not exercising, overeating, not getting enough sleep, etc.)
  2. Would you want to work for a boss like you?
  3. Would you want to have a friend like you?
  4. Would you want a partner (or a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend) like you?
  5. Are you holding onto something you should have let go of a long time ago?
  6. Why are you holding onto it? Why can’t you let it go?
  7. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?
  8. What are the three things for which you are most grateful?
  9. What is your greatest fear? Has it ever come true?
  10. When was the last time you felt truly passionate about something?
  11. Would you rather lead or follow?
  12. What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail?
  13. Are you an eagle or a duck?
  14. How about your closest friends; are they eagles or ducks?
  15. Who is ultimately responsible for your happiness and success?
  16. Do you take ownership for your actions? Or do you blame others?
  17. What would you do differently, if you knew you would not be judged by others?
  18. If you learn from your mistakes, then why are  you afraid to make them?
  19. Be quiet for a moment. When you breathe, do you fill your abdomen or your chest first? (Look at a newborn to see how you’re supposed to breathe.)
  20. When was the last time you took a leap of faith? What’s holding you back?
  21. Do you simply exist; or do you live life to the fullest?
  22. If not now, then when?
  23. When someone speaks with you do you truly listen, or do you just hear what they have to say?
  24. What is the one thing you would most like to change about you?
  25. What is the one thing of which you are most proud?

Sometimes we get so caught up in this fast paced, information packed world; that we don’t make the time to reflect on who we are, and what we truly value. I hope these questions will provide you with a few moments of reflection and insights that will help you grow.

Remember… Every day is a gift, and the quality of your life is your gift to yourself.

 by Barry Gottlieb