Software Leasing

100% Financing – No Equipment Required!
Specialty Funding Group finances the software and the implementation and only requires the first monthly payment to be paid in advance. This allows you to pay a minimal investment to get the benefit from your new software. We recognize that your working capital can be better put to use on short-term needs (payroll, inventory, etc.). Our 100% financing solution puts your assets to work where they best serve the growth of your business.

Your competitors are around the corner…
Cash problems are shared by both software vendors-and the businesses that need the software. When cash is tight, purchases are often put on hold, stopping the progress of the company. The only people who benefit from this situation…are your competitors…with a technological advantage.

Specialty Funding Group has the solution.
While most banks do not consider software a tangible asset, Specialty Funding Group understands that the hardware in which you’ve invested a large amount of capital is useless without the right software. Software financing through Specialty Funding is your means of funding the solution, including associated services, maintenance, and implementation of the software investment. For the software user, costs are spread over a multiple-year term, matching benefits received from the software. This means the business can let the solution pay for itself over the duration of the lease-keeping more working capital liquid to fund investments such as payroll, expansion, or inventory.

$15,000 – $2 Million Lease Range

  • Programs for ‘A’ to ‘B’ Credit
  • $15,000 – $75,000 (Application Only – Subject to industry changes)
  • Multi-Year Payment Terms
  • Various Lease Types Available
  • Software Only requires 2 years Time in Business

Leasing is an excellent alternative for financing software.
Even for a company with cash reserves, leasing can prove to be the right choice by accounting for software purchases off the balance sheet. When there is a lack of budget dollars for new software, everybody suffers.