Our Leasing Programs

Specialty Funding Group provides Business owners with Quick solutions to Cash needs. With our wide range of lending programs available we can provide credit decisions within 24 to 48 hours on most leases and working capital loans. Whether its $15,000 dollars or 5 million dollars, we have lenders ready to assist your company’s needs.

  • Hundreds of Lending Programs
  • Credit Ratings from ‘A’ to ‘B’

We have a complete online automated process, not a paper chase. You owe it to yourself to flow as effortlessly as possible through all your future commercial equipment leasing and working capital. No matter the type, Working Capital Loans, True Lease or Operating Leases, Finance Lease or Capital Leases, Skip Leases, 30 Day Deferred Leases, Master Leases, Municipal Leases, Step Up Leases, Seasonal Leases, Titled Vehicle Leases, Aviation Leases, we can help.

We’re very approachable. There isn’t a single person on our staff who doesn’t understand the pressures and challenges a business owner faces.

So get what you’re asking for. We work and think very much like business owners. We’d like to help you.

If you are a client, vendor, or salesperson, we can help. At Specialty Funding you will find a team of trained professionals who are here to make your life easier and help you maintain control of your customers without having them shop to get financing.

If you are ready to experience what the advantages of leasing equipment can do for you, then view our Apply Now section and fill out an online secure application