Office Furniture Leasing

More People, More Furniture
The world of business is full of new opportunities. Along with these opportunities, comes the need for additional furniture. Regardless of size, all companies share a common denominator-cash flow is the Fuel of business. Even for a company with cash, financing office furnishings make great business sense. Cash flow becomes more predictable.

Competition is around the corner…
When dollars aren’t available, purchases are often put on hold, stifling the progress of the company. Competitors are the only people who benefit….

Office Furnishings financing through Specialty Funding is the solution.
When a business chooses to finance, the cost of the furniture is spread over a multiple-year term – keeping working capital available to fund investments such as payroll, expansion, or inventory. The business has the furnishings when it is needed, rather than waiting until cash is available.


$15,000 – $2 Million Lease Range

  • Programs for ‘A’ to ‘B’ Credit
  • $15,000 – $75,000 (Application Only – Subject to industry changes)
  • Multi-Year Payment Terms
  • 24 – 48 Hour Credit Approval
  • Various Lease Types Available