bobMy marketing people say I don’t often enough let people know what I do. For those of you who know me you know what I do so this is a reminder. For those of you who don’t know what I do here’s a little secret. “I FINANCE BUSINESS EQUIPMENT” You say “hey a lot of people do that”. That’s true but very few spend their children’s and grand children’s inheritance to pay for what they finance. Most brokers send your financing request to a lender who puts your info into a scoring matrix which determines what they will do for you. You’re stuck in their credit box.

I like using my own money. It sometimes lets me have more freedom to step out of the box when a deal makes sense but the customer has less than stellar recent credit history. “hey isn’t that risky?”. Sure is but I have some of the lowest delinquency statistics in the industry. Why? Because people appreciate a second chance to set things straight. Often times just having that new piece of equipment will totally turn their business around. I like being the guy that helps do that. Back to the original subject that my marketing people tell me that I need to remind some and tell others what I do. So here goes: