Helping you sell with financing options.

I believe that every quote you give your customer on price should include a monthly payment option. Putting the total deal with financing in front of your customer up front only makes sense.

 Here are some of the upside benefits of selling financing upfront with your quote to your customer.

  • Turn cash flow /budget objections into closing opportunities via payments
  • Present your payment solution as the affordable alternative to all cash
  • Take care of “how to pay for it” while others are focusing on simply selling their product
  • Introducing financing up front assures buyers they can afford the entire project
  • Sell the entire project today as opposed to waiting until money becomes available if at all
  • Offering a finance plan shows your customers you have the complete answer to their project.
  • You eliminate price concerns with affordable payments
  • Use  monthly payments upfront to enable a constructive dialogue focused on value rather than price
  • Discuss long-term strategies to address budget and price concerns
  • Offer your customer greater flexibility and more choices
  • Provide financing and get the equipment delivered sooner
  • Reduce days waiting to get paid and expedite income

After 30+ years talking financing and sales I can tell you one thing. Your customer wants to find a way to afford that new equipment. Offering the monthly payment versus the total purchase price gives them the budgeting confidence to make the purchase.