Recently Funded Deals

Automotive Dealership $225,000.00 Automotive paint booth
Auto Body Shop $95,000.00 Automotive paint booth
Trucking Business $197,000.00 Heavy hauler
Construction Company $122,000.00 Asphalt Roller
Construction Company $44,000.00 Light Duty Ford service vehicle
Construction Company $135,000.00 Gantry Crane
Logistics Company $69,000.00 2 Cargo vans
Bar & Restaurant $56,000.00 Tap Room equipment
Corporate Office $360,000.00 Office furniture and cubicles
Automotive Repair Shop $71,000.00 Automotive shop equipment
Construction Company $217,000.00 Motor Grader
Police Station $136,500.00 Police Cars
Police Department $91,700.00 Police SUV’s
Xray Center $136,000.00 Used CT Scanner
Dentist $21,000.00 Xray Machine
Call Center $205,000.00 Software
Body Shop $266,000.00 Equipment Upgrade
Concrete Contractor $62,000.00 Excavator
Non Profit $39,000.00 Handicap Facility Furniture
Body Shop $80,000.00 Paint Booth
Non Profit $70,000.00 Transport Vehicles
Natural Herb supplier $125,000.00 Packaging equipment
Body Shop $111,000.00 Floor equipment
Body shop $92,000.00 Frame equipment
Pizza chain $52,000.00 Ice Machines
Health Rehab center $41,000.00 Facility furniture
County Sheriffs office $790,000.00 Vehicles
Automotive Center $251,000.00 Shop equipment
Automotive collision centers $43,000.00 Multiple phone sys
Concrete Casting Co $76,000.00 Heavy equipment
Airport Security Company $54,000.00 Security trucks
Steel Erector $26,000.00 Forklift
Urgent Care Center $48,000.00 Digital X-Ray
Dry Cleaner $63,000.00 Dry cleaning equip
Auto Dealership $33,000.00 Air Compressors
Auto Body Shop $42,480.00 Frame Machine
Excavation Company $435,000.00 Rock Crusher
Concrete Contractor $26,000.00 Trailers
New Auto Dealer $99,000.00 Signs & Lighting
Trucking Company $42,000.00 Dump Trailer
Mechanical Company $28,000.00 Welding Equipment
Dry Cleaner $18,000.00 Boiler
Food Distributor $44,000.00 Meat Cutting Equipment
Profit Charter School $87,000.00 Mobile Classroom
Electrical Contractor $27,000.00 Skid Loader
HVAC Contractor $48,000.00 Vans
Laundromat $197,000.00 Washier & Dryer
Automotive Body Shop $271,000.00 Paint booth and equipment
Construction $77,000.00 Off road reach fork
Tap Room $37,000.00 distribution and keg cooler
Used Car Super Center Shop $54,000.00 hoists and tire equipment
Plumber $62,000.00 Service Trucks
Accounting Firm $226,000.00 Upgrade computer network and phones
New Car Franchise $336,000.00 Parking Lot Lighting