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2017 Best of Albuquerque Award

Specialty Funding Group Receives 2017 Best of Albuquerque Award Albuquerque Award Program Honors the Achievement ALBUQUERQUE July 11, 2017 — Specialty Funding Group has been selected for the 2017 Best of Albuquerque Award in the Equipment Leasing Service category by the Albuquerque Award Program. Each year, the Albuquerque Award Program identifies companies that we believe […]

Should You Let People “Pick Your Brain”?

“Would you mind if I picked your brain?” You get this question, I’m sure. You’re an attorney. Or an accountant. Or a doctor. You’re a senior manager or a business owner. You have experience. You have knowledge. And now someone wants to tap into that knowledge. For free. Do you let him? This is how […]

Interest rates sure to rise this year

With interest rates sure to rise this year, is now the right time to borrow? If you’re going to need that money, you’d better think seriously about it.   You don’t need a crystal ball to conclude that interest rates will rise significantly in 2017. If you think your business will need money in the […]

Business Credit Myths That Can Cost You Money

Start building your business credit the right way. You know the adage: A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. That’s certainly true when it comes to credit, where a misstep can affect your credit scores for months or years, making it more difficult and expensive to get funding when you need it. […]

10 Tips to Help Your Sales Rep Sell Financing

I have spent a good part of the last 30 years training the sales teams of my vendor partners on how to use equipment financing to help sell their products. While the product types have range from software to construction equipment, selling financing as part of equipment sale remains much the same. Below are 10 tips to help your vendor’s sales […]

What do they want and how do we connect?

The business world is racing to connect with the millennial generation. Always trying to find out what makes them tick and what they want. My 30 year old son tells me “It’s not difficult, and really kind of simple.” Millennial buyers want: Convenience, transparency, technology, a positive experience and simplicity. He’s right, these items come […]

What the government can do to help small business.

Access to Capital for Small Businesses The driver of capitalism is, of course, capital. So, it makes sense to make it easier for small businesses to obtain capital to aid in business expansion. It is important that lenders behave responsibly and it helps to have some level of protection in place. But at the same […]