Save sales when prospects get cold feet: Here’s how

How do you know when a prospect is trying to walk away — and how can you bring the person back?

It happens: You work with a prospect, engage in some give-and-take, and right as you’re getting ready to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, there’s a pause — and the prospect pulls out that potentially sale-blowing excuse.

Here are three deal-busters prospects toss at you when they suddenly come down with cold feet — and how you can warm those feet up again:

I’ll get back to you. This is often an indicator that a prospect is trying to sneak away. Your best counter: Ask when they’ll get back to you, and pin down a day and time. If a prospect is hesitant, say you’ll be following up in a week. Then do it.

I guess. This statement’s so vague prospects use it to try and quietly shuffle off. If you sense what part of the deal is making the prospect uneasy, jump on it and come up with solutions. If it’s not clear what the prospect’s reacting negatively to, offer your help by saying you’ll be happy to address any issues they have — then try to pin down what those issues are.

We’ll see. This is one of the all-time great brush-offs. It’s a way to buy time or side-step the true response — “no.” If a prospect feeds you this line, come right back and ask them to describe the pros and cons of your offer. That should provide the info you need to answer lingering questions and get the sale back on track.