On Ethics

It is easy to have a corporate statement that incorporates something on ethics, well meaning but rarely read or observed. Transactions can have an adversarial component; that notwithstanding, the best transactions we have ever done were built on the spirit of candid and transparent dealing, where two parties came together to try to do a win-win transaction. Most of the deals we have worked on end up being considered win-win. Here is what you can expect of us:

• We will tell you what we can do for sure, what we probably can do, and what we don’t think anyone including us can do. You deserve to know.

• When circumstances change you will find out immediately.

• If we say something or write something down, we mean it.

• Our relationships are far more valuable than any deal, and we want to work with you time and time again. If this next one isn’t a fit, the deal to follow may be.

• When a transaction closes, we want to be sure you would speak of the deal and our firm in the best possible way. If you cannot, the deal was a failure even if it closed.

• We expect you to hold us accountable.

• We won’t speak ill of anyone you perceive to be our competitors, we don’t need to. Who we are and what we have done hopefully speaks very loudly. We have many millions of dollars of transactions closed amongst us, and consider those to have all been highly successful.

• Whatever the topic, it matters. We will bring you all of the capability, energy, respect and attention that the situation requires.

• We will bring a sense of humor to the table. Do not be surprised to see us smile along the way. We like this business and always will.


Specialty Funding Group Inc.

Bob Underwood’s stock in trade is industrial equipment, but you’d never guess it by his inventory – or lack of it where Specialty Funding Group Inc. is headquartered. In short, no machines or machinery are stockpiled there. But then Bob Underwood, president of Specialty Funding Group, has no need to house equipment at his office. His clients already know in advance the sort of equipment they need. They usually telephone him to arrange financing for equipment ranging from automotive tools, backhoes and business vehicles to car wash equipment, compressors, computer equipment and heavy construction vehicles such as cranes and shovels.

With over 25 years’ of experience, Bob Underwood has learned to grease the skids for his clients, who generate Specialty’s $7 million to $10 million in annual revenues. Bob Underwood was the sales and leasing manager for over 20 years for an automotive dealership before striking out on his own. With a staff of just three employees, Underwood became his own boss about fifteen years ago. He sought to fill what he perceived as a void in the southwest region. Specialty Funding Group really is the only self funded equipment leasing company,(non bank owned or brokered) in the Albuquerque area,” he said.

Specialty’s clients include commercial businesses all over metropolitan Albuquerque, New Mexico and the surrounding states. Specialty has earned a reputation for drafting customer-friendly leasing and finance deals that have prompted repeat clients. “We basically provide the money for businesses — we buy the equipment that the end user picks out from a supplier and we lease or finance it for them,”

Businesses opt to lease equipment through Specialty Funding Group because banks typically require a 20 percent to 30 percent down payment as a condition for a loan. “We don’t require that,” Specialty Funding Group makes things easy for clients, by providing 100 percent financing, often including shipping, training and installation. Also banks typically have more restrictive credit criteria; where at Specialty Funding Group we listen to the story credits and if a deal makes sense more often than not we will do that deal. Leasing, not only is generally more cost-effective than purchasing, it is another source of capital for a business. “In other words, it keeps their working capital lines with their banks in place.”

Specialty Funding Group has earned the New Mexico Private 100 award and has been nominated for the Maxi Anderson small business award.